A Few Logoforms, and an Idea

OK, so I’ve been banging away at this all weekend. Basically I have two groups we can focus on.

First, I’ve tried to find ways to simplify the hexes a bit, as per Dan. We can structure the text beneath and etc. in umpteen ways but the logoform ends up looking like this, still clean hexes but less of them, less biochemical, the star is a little more obvious:


But then I had a thought, slightly different direction but I think MUCH better, why not strike out the edges of the hexes entirely? This may not be the final landing place but I think it’s a lot cooler, plus would be easier to embroider etc:


In other words, we retain the hexes but they become a ‘negative element,’ almost part of the white space… they define the cutout of the star.

With the exception of one conference call it’s you guys all day. I want to get a logo out today that you’re ready to go with, and also get started on the web site… do you have text for the site for me to start playing with? Thanks, Matt

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