Conversation 12.19.06

Nate, Dan, & Co:

Thanks for the excellent conversation a few minutes ago. I’m glad we’re on the same page and moving in a more productive direction. I anticipate that this next round, to be posted NLT mid wednesday morning, will be a significant improvement on where we’ve been.

The primary thing we discussed is what feelings we’d like this logo – and the resulting brand –  to evoke. The terms that came out of the discussion were attitude… action… motion… competition… speed… and committment (and, ‘working your *ss off’).

This next round will also include a lot of color, to give you guys that next level of finish.

I’m hoping this afternoon that you can put your heads together and give me some examples of brands that evoke the same feelings that you’re looking for, to give me a little more creative flex.

Thanks guys! Looking forward to an excellent logo. Matt

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